• Uranium Springs, Ground Zero for the EoD

    Uranium Springs, Ground Zero for the EoD

    Many people ask about the beginning of the End of Days Entertainment private campground Uranium Springs. Well here is the long tale of how teamwork, imagination, persistence and a lot of luck built the only permanent post apocalyptic town. In 2011 I attended an event called Wasteland Weekend in California, a post apocalyptic themed camping event. I fell in love with the creativity and energy that the participants put into the event and wanted to see something with a more permanent approach in Arizona. Over the following year the hunt started for a piece of land to host our events.

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  • The End is Now! But it’s not so bad.

    The End is Now! But it’s not so bad.

    Greetings survivor, nice to see you found your way to our pile of dirt and rust. Pull up a box and let me introduce you to our little group. Before I get into what the End of Days is, let me catch you up on some of the basics. First off you will see the group referred to as the EoD very often, its a bit of shorthand. Now what is the End of Days? We are a post apocalyptic pre-enactment group. You have probably heard of living history museums, it is like that only instead of delving into the

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