“Wastelanders, outlanders, highwaymen and scavengers, the end of days has fallen upon us, and it is our time to rebuild from what our predecessors have destroyed!   Radiation, bandits and unspeakable creatures lurk out of site waiting to pounce, but it is here in Uranium Springs that you will be safe.”
~ Rev’Rend Lawless

Come join the post apocalyptic party in the Arizona wasteland. If you are a fan of Mad Max, Fallout, or any ‘end of civilization as we know it’ fiction, come out and revel with the other brave and crazy wastelanders at all of the EoD sponsored events.

The End is Just the Beginning!

Four days of post apocalyptic camping, dancing, drinking and partying in the most impressive wasteland setting imaginable.  April 17-20 2014

Sailing the Seas of Salvage

As the EoD establishes pockets of civilization in the ashes of the old world, we use any means of transportation we can find.


Beefed up go karts, armed with paint ball guns, and driven by oil spattered rugged road warriors looking to put tread marks across the competition!  This year we are bringing Death Rally to Uranium Springs, spectators can cheer on their favorite drivers and this unscripted race around the Death Rally track, and drivers position themselves to put their competition out of the race or send them limping home covered in a toxic ooze of paint ball goo.

Uranium Springs Established!

Ground has been broken, Uranium Springs is officially under development.  The Wasteland Communication Corp has established a post office, Legio I, have erected crucifixes ready for bodies to be pinned up.   And several other household have begun establishing their permanent camp structures.  Are you lost in the wastes and looking for a place to rest…welcome to Uranium Springs.

The Desert Tribes Expand

Just a sample of the scavengers, warlords, dusty wenches and highwaymen of the EoD. Come with a group or by yourself, there is always room for more in the wastes.

News from the Wastes

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With the dominance of Facebook and the ease of our participants to get information out to each other quickly we wanted to make sure that everyone who visits us on our web page has the link to our Facebook page as well. So come join us there as well to get your hands dirty with apocalyptic dust. https://www.facebook.com/groups/384706444890727/...

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Festival of Ash : 2nd Degree The final outcome

Into every nuclear winter a little acid rain must fall.  And fall it did.  The solid apocalyptic rabble that gathered for the Festival of Ash were tested by rain, armed desert wanderers, and chilly temps, and came through the event with flying colors. There are already plans for FoA v3 next November, though we will be changing locations, and there will probably be a small fe to cover porta potties and other costs, but in return there will be serviced porta potties and we will step of the activities for both participating and spectating. The EoD is proud to call each and every attendee of FoA friends, and look forward to the next time we all meet again....

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Uranium Springs Kickstarter

Here is your chance to jump into the EoD and make a personal impact on the development of this community.  We have started a Kickstarter campaign giving post apocalypse fans the chance to add to the event experience, and walk away with some sweet limited edition gifts for their contribution.  Check out our Kickstarter page HERE.  Anything you can give helps be us to our goal.  And in return we will build you the most impressive post apocalyptic event grounds in the country. Check out the Kickstarter campaign page to learn all about what we are looking to do with this first push....

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How Did We Reach the End of Days?

When did the whole world fall apart?  There are more versions of that tale then I can tell you.  What I can tell you is that when things fell apart, the human race showed its true colors in horrific ways. Lucky for us, those days are over, well mostly, and we can get down to the business of living. The different regions around what was once the United States have very different ways of life.  A majority of the southwest has been reclaimed by the desert, ghost towns and ghost cities loom in the sweltering landscape.  Only the insane and vicious live in the old cities any more.  Being the sites of the worst acts of atrocities most civilized men and women made their was into the deserts and established small roaming communities. Word across the radio waves is that civilization to the north and...

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Blastzone Soda

BlastZone Soda, made with the finest secret ingredients is guaranteed to give you a boost. The twisted brewers of Turbulence are happy to offer you one of their few non-alcoholic beverages, BlastZone Soda!  An energy drink made with the wastes wanderers in mind.  If you are running from a gang of radioactive bandits, or taking your weapon of choice into the arena, keep yourself in the BlastZone and watch the others fall....

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Vernon and Wez

A couple months back I had the pleasure to meet and talk with Vernon G. Wells about all manner of things, but one topic came up that I thought the EoD people would find interesting. So, young blonde effeminate guy chained to big scary mohawk guy, paints a picture of some dusty S&M desert activities, but that was an unfortunate cased of story omission that I think made the Wez character less “real”. Before filming, George Miller had the cast write background stories for their characters, from birth to the time the movie begins.  (Awesome way to give actors some ownership of their role.)  Turns out that years before Wez had the unlucky encounter with Max he had stumbled across a baby, abandoned, or looked over by an band of desert raiders while investigating a burned out dwelling.  Instead of running a rusty piece of...

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