The End is Now! But it’s not so bad.

Greetings survivor, nice to see you found your way to our pile of dirt and rust. Pull up a box and let me introduce you to our little group.

Before I get into what the End of Days is, let me catch you up on some of the basics. First off you will see the group referred to as the EoD very often, its a bit of shorthand.

Now what is the End of Days? We are a post apocalyptic pre-enactment group. You have probably heard of living history museums, it is like that only instead of delving into the experiences of the past, we imagine what a world that has fallen apart would be like to survive in, in the most enjoyable ways possible. We do without the radiation, starvation, or disease.
Our participants are fans of post apocalyptic media. Movies like Mad Max and Book Of Eli, comic books like Tank Girl, video games like Fallout all have great followings and people want to feel a little bit of what those imaginary worlds would feel like. That is where we come in. Our events give people a chance to dress up in the rags of the wastes, build shelters our of the scraps of the world before, and share stories and activities with others who share their interest.

What can you expect to see at some of our camping events?
Everyone who attends our events must wear a post apocalyptic outfit. It doesn’t need to be a movie quality wardrobe, but ripped up, stained and pieced together looks are the goal. We have a section on how to make an outfit you can look up on this website, to get you all you need to know from the basics to something that looks like it stepped off the big screen.
The event provides entertainment in the form of bands, DJs, burlesque, stage acts, magicians, a race track for go karts we call Death Rally, and we are always adding new features, PLUS a setting that is unmatched in the post apocalyptic event world. On top of what we provide, individual camps and participants host amazing entertainment. Locations like the Wreck Room, that hosts many events and has become the day time hub to meet up with friends and cool off has been built by super dedicated participants, the Aftermath Theater, is a drive in theater that you can roll your Death Rally kart into or wander in on foot and catch the bits and pieces of entertainment from before the fall. This was as well built and hosted by a participant who just wanted to share his creativity with others with the same interests.

Some guidelines for our group to keep everyone happy and having fun.
There is no political iconography. This goes for everyone. We are not gathering to spread political beliefs we come together to celebrate the fictitious end of the world. When you attend an EoD event, you leave your political shit on the shelf. We understand that many people have many hightened views of what is good for the country. I’m sure your opinions are the only right ones. At the gate there is no Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians or what ever. We are one group who shares the unifying mantra. DON’T BE A DICK!
No religious proselytism. Have your faith. Love your faith. Keep your faith to yourself. We have participants with all manner of religious backgrounds, they all get along, because this is not the place to promote your faith.

We 100% support our minority participants, people of color and LGBTQ+, are welcome and we will protect their right for fun and freedom from harassment. If your belief structure holds these people as anything but equals, you won’t be welcome in our organization. I cannot stress this enough.

Now lets get into what this group isn’t.
The EoD is not a religious group. The End of Days has zero to do with any biblical nonsense.
The EoD is not a survivalist group. Yes we do learn and share basic survival info (Think of it like scouting for adults). We are not a militia. We are not gun worshipers, though we do practice and teach those interested in learning firearm safety.
The EoD is not a satanist orgy party. I feel so stupid even writing this, but we have had some detractors, who have never made contact with us, who have never seen first hand what our events are, spreading rumors based on fear and ignorance. If your religion or lack of education has predisposed you to thinking anything you don’t understand is a work of evil, it is your life that is incomplete. We recommend getting a passport and visiting other countries and expanding your world.