How Did We Reach the End of Days?

When did the whole world fall apart?  There are more versions of that tale then I can tell you.  What I can tell you is that when things fell apart, the human race showed its true colors in horrific ways. That was some 50 years ago. Lucky for us, those days are over, well mostly, and we can get down to the business of living. The different regions around what was once the United States have very different ways of life.  A majority of the southwest has been reclaimed by the desert, ghost towns and ghost cities loom in the sweltering landscape.  Only the insane and vicious live in the old cities any more.  Being the sites of the worst acts of atrocities most civilized men and women made their was into the deserts and established small roaming communities. Word across the radio waves is that civilization to the north and east did not fare too much better.  Harsh winters decimating many in the first few years after the fall, and the claims of mutated creatures emerging from the dark corners of the woods devouring the weak and unprepared.