Festival of Ash : Devils in the Darkness

You children of the ashes, survivors and scrappers everyone, the Festival of Ash you have come to love is coming a little earlier. The demons of flame roar their loudest during the month of old world Halloween. We pay tribute with candy, booze and flames.

Festival of Ash has from its beginning been an introduction event for people interested in the post apocalyptic hobby, and we continue that tradition this year as well. You do not need to have a perfect costume, you do not have to have an amazing camp. Do your best and come learn about the End of Days hobby and meet many of its participants in a low stress setting.

With this change in dates we will be upping our activities as well, Games like "Test your homemade weapon" will be added to the growing list of things to do and see.

More night time entertainment, fire performances, pyres, and a post apocalyptic costume party where you must make costumes out of junk. Prizes will be awarded for the most unusual materials, most scary, most toxic looking and most apoco-sexy.

We will be turning the catacombs into a one night haunt if you are brave enough to face the ghosts of ancient SASCO.

Festival of Ash is an 18+ event. Tickets will go on sale in June.

Ticket Prices on Brown Paper Tickets:
  • For the month of August online tickets will cost $21.99 ($20 + service fees)
  • Starting September, online tickets will cost $37.74 ($35 + service fees)
  • Tickets will cost $40 CASH at the event gate

Purchase your tickets HERE