Fallout : Operation Blue Dog

blue dog Looking down at the cracked screen on your wrist, as you hear the cracking of a radio signal pushing its way through. ***Citizens of the wastes, denzens of the Madlands and all surrounding areas, we are sending this signal to call all able bodies, human, mutant, or ghoul to join us at the Blue Dog Saloon*** Yes, the talk is true. The End of Days (www.theeod.org) is hosting its first Fallout focused event, where we are opeing things up to costumes that may have been frowned on at other events. Bright blue vault suits are Ok, power armor is ok, mutants are ok....well, we will tollerate them. Any Fallout inspired costumes are welcome and encouraged. But you are not a fan of Fallout, and don't have any Fallout gear? No problem, all costumes usuallly accepted at EoD events are welcome here too. Details of the entertainment are in the works, but you can count on DJ's at night During the day games of Caravan, poker, and more will be available for custom caps from the Blue Dog Saloon. We are working on a "hackable" Terminal that will allow those with the right skills to earn caps. And there will be much more Fallout inspired fun times to be had. Fallout : Operation Blue Dog is being held at Cowtwon Keeylocko. Now I could tell you how much this place looks like Goodsprings from Fallout New Vegas, but I encourage you to watch this video about the creator of this amazing site. https://www.facebook.com/346159755463667/videos/801278319951806/ This is an 18+ event Tickets on sale here.
Camping available A cash only bar (bring your ID)